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Nurse`s Notes

Sick Children / Lice  


Hi NHS Community!!

Here are 2 reminders.



Please contact NHS as soon as you decide to keep your child home from school due to illness.  When calling to report your child absent, let us know what type of illness your child is experiencing.  This information helps me to monitor and track cases of chicken pox, strep throat, pneumonia, fifths disease, head lice, etc. The phone number for NHS is as follows: 964-5501

Guidelines for keeping your child home

Parents play an important role in keeping our school’s environment healthy.  For students and staff alike we request that children not attend school with the following symptoms:

.   •An actively runny nose with green or yellow mucus discharge

.   •A persistent, uncontrolled cough

.   •A temperature greater than 100.2 degrees 

.   •An untreated earache

.   •Vomiting in the last 24 hours

.   •Itchy, reddened, weepy eye(s)


If your child has a contagious infection such as pneumonia, strep throat or a bacterial skin infection, it is highly recommended he/she stay home 24 to 48 hours after starting antibiotics (at least 3 doses).  



LICE is always around ANYBODY can get it!

NHS follows the Department of Health and Human Services Division of Public Health Services policy.

Children will not be sent home if lice/nits are found. I will at your (Parent/guardian) request or if a student is suspected of having lice I will check their heads. If lice or nits are found I will contact the family as soon as possible and provide any assistance that I can. With this being said-- I STRONGLY encourage long hair to be put up or braided. Gels and hairspray also can help prevent lice.

I have included a link for a New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Fact sheet and a link for another informative webpage.

THANK YOU and PLEASE-as always feel free to call me with any questions!!

Nurse Mara

Food Allergies  

Welcome back North Hampton Families!


I am very excited to begin my 2nd year as your school nurse! It has been so nice seeing all of your kids around the school!!!

Over the next couple of weeks and throughout the year I will be posting some gentle reminders as well as some new information in regards to your children’s health and some of our policies at NHS. Here is the first:

One area that I will be concentrating on this year is educating families and students on the seriousness of food allergies. As most of you know our school does not enforce a nut free policy throughout the entire school. The cafeteria’s kitchen is nut free and we take significant measures to ensure safety in the cafeteria setting, so all kids can enjoy any food they bring from home. HOWEVER, the classroom settings with allergic children are “NUT FREE ZONES” and they must be a safe haven for ALL.

This means if your child is in a “NUT FREE” classroom please refrain from sending in any foods that contain peanut/nut derivatives. I have included a link for a website that has extensive list of nut free foods. If there any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or email me—964-5501/ 







Thank you!

Nurse Mara