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Special Education / 504


Special Education


Overview of Special Education at North Hampton School


North Hampton School makes available a free, appropriate, public education to all children ages 3 and up (through 8th grade) who have been determined to have an educational disability.  Special education programming and related service needs are determined based on student's individual learning profile.  A team that includes both parents and professionals determines each student's needs.  Decisions are based on providing the least restrictive environment possible.

North Hampton School supports an inclusive philosophy for all students with educational disabilities.  As such, it is agreed that the primary educational environment for all students with educational disabilities is a general education setting.  Teachers work closely with Case Managers and Educational Associates to provide a wide variety of instructional approaches to help all students' access the general curriculum. 

Individual Education Programs (IEPs) are developed by each student's team and may or may not include related services (speech, occupational, or physical therapy) in addition to special education programming.