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NHS School Board

Members of the North Hampton School Board:

James Sununu, Chair -

Cindy Burke, Vice-Chair -

Gregg Duffy -

Erin Stanton -

Thomas Von Jess -


 The School Board usually meets on the third Thursday of the month. Meeting on dates other than the third Thursday (*) will be announced in the Events Calendar.

Agenda & Minutes (current year)
Agenda & Minutes (archived)

NHS School Board Files - Goals, Presentations to the Board

North Hampton School Board Environmental Sustainability Philosophy

The North Hampton School Board recognizes that environmental awareness and resource sustainability are core and relevant regional, national and international issues. As a community, North Hampton voters have voiced their concern and interest in resource sustainability. The North Hampton School Board recognizes that the school community can provide a forum for discussion, education, encouragement and leadership in this area. In recognition of this, the North Hampton School Board re-affirms the goal it set in 2006 to reduce energy consumption in NHS and to raise awareness of resource sustainability opportunities. The School Board intends to continue and expand upon the work in process to reduce energy consumption in facilities management. We will continue to model and support responsible change in the conduct and daily activities of our students, faculty, administration and community members through support of relevant programs and initiatives. We continue to investigate best practices in other educational institutions and remain open to collaboration with other North Hampton groups and boards.  The North Hampton School board fully supports and encourages the educational leadership of our teachers in furthering our students' awareness of environmental issues, resource sustainability and the opportunities for student learning.

October 18, 2007
NHS Board