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                                 Definition of Curricula (Adopted by NHS in June 2011)
Curriculum consists of the planned activities developed by the teahers for and with students to create meaningful, authentic learning experiences with specific educational outcomes.

Curriculum planning is informed by the State Curriculum Frameworks. The needs of the individual students and groups of students and locally relevant topics of study.

Curriculum can be a short series of activities or a theme that runs throughout the school year. Curriculum consists of the skills, concepts, and content that student learn and remember.

Curriculum also consists of the values, culture and community of the school. It is the lessons students receive from their interaction with adults, the values we reinforce through our actions and word, and the treatment they receive from adults and peers in all areas of the school.

Grade Level Curriculum Roadmaps

To review the curriculum roadmap or other information covered in your child's grade, select the appropriate link below:

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade

Grade Level Standards

English Language Arts (Reading & Writing)
English Language Arts Standards K-12

Mathematics Standards K-12

Social Studies
K-12 Social Studies NH Curriculum Framework

Life Science K-4
Earth/Space Science K-4
Physical Science K-4
Science Skills K-4
Life Science 5-8
Earth/Space Science 5-8
Physical Science 5-8
Science Skills 5-8

All other curricular areas such as The Arts, PE, Health and Foreign Language are guided by their respective State Curriculum Frameworks.

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Physical Education

Life Skills

World Language